Why Should You Attend Women Ignite?

Each year I get two very important questions about Women Ignite

  1. Who should attend Women Ignite?
  2. Why should they attend?

I want to address these both, but focus on the second question because I believe it is the most important question you could ask. Fair enough? Good. Let’s dig in!

First, who.

I created Women Ignite for any women (and men too for that matter!) who want more from their personal and professional lives. Simply put, this 2-day conference is for anyone who wants to grow, learn, and develop not just as a professional, but as a human being.

There will be workshops, keynote speakers, a trade show, and more.

Secondly, why should you attend?

Because the world needs you. We need your talents, your drive, your ambition, your caring, and maybe most importantly, your love. We need women of action who are not afraid to break glass ceilings and clear the path for others to follow. Women who are not afraid of the courageous conversations that will challenge us, make us think, and help us break through barriers. You have all the talent, determination, and drive within you. Women Ignite will help you spark that passion to grow as a leader, a business professional, a wife, a mom, and a friend.

We want to join hands with you and create a better world for each of us.

If you ARE interested in meeting new dynamic women (and some brave men!) who want to link arms and create systemic change, and real solutions, starting now, then join us October 21-22 and ignite yourself!

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  1. Stephanie

    How do I sign up to be updated via email. I have just moved here. This sounds perfect for me. But am not here in town this weekend. Are you planning other workshops/events at other times?

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