1) Find your tribe
So many professionals already have mad skills, education and know at least the basic direction they want to head in, if not the specific career or calling on their life. Often times it’s the compassionate support we need the most, to have the courage to scale, the accountability when life’s obstacles come around, and the resources when we don’t know all the answers ourselves. Here’s our best ignited tips on growing your tribe or inner circle:
  • Network. There are a lot of great networking events and groups. Choose wisely! Notice what value you bring to a group, and if you feel safe and supported, and if they deliver what they promise. Going to everything is overwhelming. Going to a few regular events, and growing your meaningful conversations and connections will grow your business, and your friendships too!
  • Draw boundaries. Spend your time wisely with those who bring the most value to your life, and you to theirs. Don’t let people hijack your time, especially if it’s not supporting you.
  • Connect Online. Not dating! But online professional connections lead to real life business connections, when it’s done right. Be professional. Be strategic. Meet phenomenal people, even from home! 

2) Take Inventory 

It’s helpful to use a paper planner for a month, or at least a week, and track where you go, what you did, and who you did it with. What was the value that you brought, and what value did you receive? The next step, color code those experiences. Green would be money making time spent. Blue might be maintenance of current relationships time spent. Yellow might be wasted time. Pink could be self-care. Orange for family and so on. Choose your colors and areas as they fit for you.
After your month, look at the objective data! Notice what areas are on point percentage wise with where you want to be. Notice what area or areas need a “dial up” and make actions accordingly. 
Tell someone in your circle about the changes you need to make to stay accountable.
3) Reboot
If you need to feel inspired, or re-calibrate your goals, don’t wait until January! You can always do this as needed. In fact, once per year is not enough to re-calibrate! Weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever you need to do to feel on your A game is what is needed. We all cycle through business ups and downs for a variety of reasons. Some basics that help you to re-boot no matter who you are:
  • Exercise at least 3-5 times per week. It can be something simple like swimming, walking or running. Or a bigger bite like Yoga, Cross-Fit or Circuit Training. Find something you like, and get a partner or block out a regular time you go. This will boost your self esteem, your energy levels, your endorphin levels and your cognitive excellence throughout the day.
  • Watch motivational videos, listen to motivational or inspirational books or music, or read something that educates, challenges and inspires you.
  • Go do something fun. A weekend away. A comedy show or concert. Hiking or biking somewhere beautiful. Or be around someone who fills you up!

Here’s to a phenomenal 2017 end, and to an over the top EPIC 2018!
How can we help YOU? We have many opportunities to help you get ignited, and get the support you need! Here are two:
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