Segregation- Let us STOP it!


I started Women Ignite International 5 years ago with a vision…and that’s about it. Part of that vision was to support professional women in their success at work- and in their lives. Part of the vision was to make it a community effort- and not about me. And part of the vision was to destroy walls, not build them. (Or enable them) I’m so tired of stereotypes. Judgements. The limits we place on each other (and ourselves). We’ve all done it in some way…I know I have. I’m so damn tired of segregating.


1. the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart.”the segregation of pupils with learning difficulties”
The enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment.


It’s gotten us in a lot of trouble, and has caused our country- and the world SO. MUCH. PAIN.
So all adult humans are welcome at WI events. And- I won’t apologize.
Women and Men. Single and Married. Millennial to the boomers. Gay, straight, republican or democratic….etc.
Our diversity makes us interesting. It’s educating, and wha?…even INSPIRING! We can’t change each other. We can be kind. We can get along. We can learn.
Let’s focus on being our very best selves, and maximizing OUR OWN capacity. Let us then serve others with some of that capacity!
Let’s not try to project, and change each other. Let’s change our old broken beliefs. Let’s change our dialogue.
Let’s change the walls into windows. And as WE ourselves change, we do change the world.


Joining Arms
Join us in Joining Arms against Segregation

WICON2017 is Oct 20-21.

Adult humans welcome.
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