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This term has been thrown around a lot the past few years. It is perhaps widely misunderstood what a mastermind is- or can be. It is also widely underestimated the power of one that really works.

Mastermind groups offer a powerful combination of brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting, to fine tune and expand your professional and personal abilities. Everyone in the group is both student and teacher, simultaneously.

Group members challenge and help each other to set measurable, BIG goals, and more importantly, to execute them. A successful mastermind deserves commitment, confidentiality, and vulnerability in both giving and receiving of thoughts and ideas. Also compassionate honesty, and respect- even in the midst of different opinions is paramount. Group members become catalysts for each others dynamic growth. Often times, mastermind groups lead to expanded business opportunities, and lifelong friendships.

We are all struggling with time these days. Everyone is crazy busy. But, not always crazy successful! Blocking out time to meet weekly with an intentional, driven group can exponentially expand your growth. If you are not all in, don’t bother. Showing up is paramount to it working.

If you say your big, audacious goal out loud, it will probably be scary. If you don’t, you may never achieve it. How bad do you want it? Be honest and SAY IT. And if you withhold feedback from a member in the group because you’re afraid to hurt their feelings, you are ripping them off. Giving honest feedback is essential to vetting through, and collectively fine tuning ideas, actions and outcomes.

I have been in both facilitated, and group-guided mastermind groups. I prefer to have a professional facilitator. That person can hold the container of time, priorities and also add some valuable perspectives when someone really needs to be “processed” on an idea or feeling, and hyper focused coaching is needed vs. a “group think” energy. The facilitator can help to ensure the whole group gets the value that we all expect from a high-level mastermind.

It will cost you. Money. Time. And willingness.
Anything massively beneficial, usually does. It also attracts the people who are ALL IN, and want to play ALL OUT, for the success of all.

WI won’t do anything unless there is a TON of safety and fun. It will be a blast while we kick booty. What are you waiting for?

WI Masterminds are forming now

  • Masterminds meet 1X per week for 3 months
  • Meeting times will be decided by the group
  • Cost is $200 per month

For more information email

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