Conferencing… is it for you?

Conferencing… is it for you? 
I’ve always been one of those event junkies. Diagnosed a “people addict” in my twenties, (Yep. That’s a thing.) it comes as no surprise to people that I love engagement. One on one, small groups, and even the masses!

But, I know many people feel “peopled-out” in our overly busy culture. We are used to being double booked. Now, we even teeter on manic and quadruple booked- too often.

I’ve been there.
I started two years ago really looking at where I was going, why I was going, and what value I created for others… and/or what value I received. I really cut back on events as a general rule, and was more intentional about what I was doing. It has been MAGIC.
Now when I go to conferences, I notice that many of them feel like they haven’t changed in the last 20 years. They feel overly rhetoric filled or political, with hidden agendas, or are simply money driven. Not my jam.
Women Ignite started with a vision to blow up old ways of conferencing and make it FUN again. We laugh. Sometimes
we cry. We learn. We connect with others. We get challenged. We hear stories. EPICABLE stories. From fabulous humans that you may or may NOT have ever seen their name “in lights” before. We leave changed.
Introvert to Extrovert. Corporate to Entrepreneur. Black to White. Cause to Career. Left to Right. (And middles too!) Single to Married. Millennial to Retired. WI invite YOU. Of every nation. Background. Fear. Faith. Dream. If you want to grow in your business, calling, cause, in your LIFE, join us.

October 20& 21
2 days. 16 Speakers. Amazing Connections.

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