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Running on Empty

My father taught me well. “Always keep your tank full. Do not let it drop below half-way.” He was helpful to point out that having the fuel drop below a half tank increases your risk of running out of gas. As a father, I imagine he was hoping to prevent inconvenience and avoid dangerous scenarios for his daughter. He also knew that letting the tank go empty was hard on the car and could damage the fuel pump. My father taught me well, however, I wish I could say I always followed his advice. I cannot tell you how many times my husband
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As I work with businesses and organizations, this word is definitely thrown around, a lot. But I don’t think a majority of high level leaders truly grasp it’s meaning, beyond the trendiness of saying it like you mean it. What it is not. It’s not acting like you care, or are vulnerable, when in fact your ego is still driving 97% of the time. It’s not once and a while having a token meeting with team members to let them speak their minds, only to patronize them with little information back, and little implementation of their ideas. It’s not dripping
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